JAG Media Worldwide - located in the heart of Denver, CO - is the brainchild of marketing exec Julie Gremli and provides original concepts, marketing & pr services, brand building strategies, copywriting, social communications and enhanced overall market opportunities to small & medium-sized companies throughout the country.

JAG Media was created with the understanding that not all companies require full-time marketing & pr representation. Rather, they might just need a little extra on-hand expertise, inspiration, support, coaching and project management to continue moving in the right direction, reaching new & notable heights and - in general - making their company SHINE.

From concept to completion with strategic and compelling methodology, we are enthusiastic about our clients’ business, realizing that structure is essential and must be delivered with an mutual understanding of what our objectives and expectations are in order to be effective.

Feeling overwhelmed or intimidated with the marketing and pr demands of your company? Need help with a project? Have questions about where to go and what to do next?

Give us a call! We'll schedule time together to listen & understand your true issues and we'll devise a communications solution or strategy that's just right for YOU.

Then - strap on your seatbelt - because we're gonna hit the ground running like never before, with SUCCESS as our destination.